Winter Wind Release

By: bonn_webmaster

December 20, 2011



While on tour with Amber in the winter of 2010, she and I would perform my song, “How Do You Say Goodbye?” We would perform it at the end of our “Mom and Daughter Poetry, Story and Songs show.” The song was an old-fashioned ode to the end of summer… “So many seasons, Roll around September, Round the dying embers of a Summer Song”….etc. We found as we moved into December and then January that the song did not fit. Clearly, summer was over! Sitting in the kitchen window of Amber’s little flat in New York on the Lower East Side , watching the wind blow flurries of wet colorful leaves around the sky and a storm approaching, a new song visited me. I find that when I tour, everywhere I go, I always fall in love with the folks I meet; seriously connect and feel a warm attachment. We exchange numbers and info, etc… and then I never see them again…but I do remember them, and miss them. Winter Wind is my way of saying I am still with you. Amber and I got such warm responses from the song, and audience members requested a recording, but I had none. In the spring of 2011, my band, Blue Heaven, and I finally got up the impetus to record an album of my most recent songs, and Winter Wind was at the top of the list. We recorded all the basic tracks and when I was on tour with Amber in the spring we listened to the tracks. She was not happy with the more rockish arrangement of Winter Wind. I was devastated with her sense of disappointment. This arrangement was how I played it live with my band, not the way Amber and I did it on stage. I wanted her to be happy… So I went back into the studio to do another pass with a more acoustic arrangement. We recorded vocals and guitars live. Then we brought in the beautiful artistry of J’Anna Jacoby (Rod Stewart's violinist) to lay on the strings, and Amber’s delicate harmonies. This was the perfect arrangement for this song. But then, there was that other arrangement with my band that I still thought viable. However, musical partner and co-producer Rick Huhnke and I just couldn’t see it lay fallow and wanted have full the potential realized. We went to work adding in classic 80’s rock textures, horns, and organ. Our colleague and engineer, Keven Brennan played soprano sax to add the New York flavor. We topped it off with a big choir-like vocal section with Robin Brennan, myself, my Husband Russ and Jesse Nolan. Davey Chegwidden added the rolling timpani and percussion to give the wintery feel. So I played it again for Amber and lo and behold, she loved it!!! So now what do we do with 2 versions??? There is a line in the song that says… “If there is a beginning, there must be an end”.  So to reflect that sentiment, we chose to open the album with what we call “The Big Wind” and close with “The Little Wind.” It works! Now with the solstice here there are more than a few months of winter left, we are presenting the acoustic version of our Winter Wind as a pre-release to the full album that will come out in late February.

Until then…“ I send you my Love on the Winter Wind!

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