Love Is Album Release

By: bonn_webmaster

March 14, 2013



Looking back over the past years, Bonnie Tamblyn and family often return to her summer Eastern Sierra home of June Lake where she would occasionally perform in the local clubs, solo, or with old musicians and friends from the Blue Heaven days. She would also give private concerts for her childhood friends, one of whom was Tom Capra, son of director Frank Capra.  His wife Kris was creating a cooking show called the Easy Way Gourmet and asked Bonnie to write a theme song.  Bonnie stirred up an epicurean delight of food and love all mixed together.  In January of 2007, Bonnie looked to Elton and Global American to record the theme song “Love Is” with her.  It was a joyous moment as all her children, grandchildren and friends as well as the core of Elton’s band, the Chantigs, performed on the record. The song has since played in over 40 states across the country in the cable cooking show, but the full rendition had yet to be released. Now, for Thanksgiving, 2011, Bonnie is delighted to release “Love Is” on the Light Rail Label in San Francisco. "giving thanks a lot, for all we got...there's enough Love to feed the world"

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