Cycles and Seasons

By: bonn_webmaster

May 4, 2014



Hello again, I am back from a long Winter’s nap. Producing The June Lake LOOP Mountain Music Festival last summer was again an amazing and exhausting experience. The show got bigger, with bigger artists and venues. Nature got bigger too. She threw at us Firestorms and Thunderstorms. Holding all the pieces together was like galloping in the middle of a herd of wild horses, bareback without bridle. I just hung on for dear life. After the final gig with my wonderful Blue Heaven, I pretty much took my guitar and buried it! But, as my friend Neil Young would say, “it’s better to burn out, than to fade away.” I recently attended the Louisiana Grammy Nominees Brunch at the Congo room in Los Angeles, hosted by my partner, Johnny Palazzotto…such joyous music, celebrating life, food, full of heart and soul. I started to stir. Then I watched the Grammys, and I stood up and walked out of my slumber. I wept at the passing of Pete Seeger… perhaps the last? But the Songline must live on, and a story from the heart can be truly heard, once the noise gets out of the way. I am revived and re-purposed to hold that piece of Folk Ethos through story, song, melody, lyrics and life, and I return to sing again. I will bring with me the talents of my musical co-hearts, and my inspiration…Woody, Pete, Odetta, Mahalia, Miriam, Patsy and on. This is the year of the horse, and I’m “back in the saddle again.” See you at the Rodeo! Bonnie

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